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Finally! Afordable Virtual Hosting!!!


Our Produt Offerings 

Squatter Plan:

Do you want to try out Slumlord Hosting but don't want to make a commitment? Do you have a small site that only hosts pictures of your cats? Then the Squatter Plan is the choice for you! Just click the link below to set up your virtual site! We'll set up FOR FREE 2 MEGABYTES of space, that comes along with our Offsite Backup Recovery Program and access to our Customer Portal! Getting in bed with a hosting company has never been so easy!

Two Dollah Ho-stin':

This is for customers who are looking for a little more than our Free Hosting Package. For two dollars a month, you get a whopping 4 MEGABYTES of hard disk space as well as a free webmaster@YOUR-DOMAIN.ltd email address that wil redirect to any email address you want. If you act now, we'll get you in touch with our advertising specialist, Mad Vlad himself. For information about Mad Vlad, the link is provided below. Please contact our sales team for more information about our Two Dollah Ho-stin' package.  

The Projects:

This is the premium of premiums. Sign up today for our The Projects package, and Slumlord Hosting will give you control of your very own 10 MEGABYTES of space in your virtual host on our State of the Art High Density Floppy San for maximum availablity and speed. We'll also redirect up to 10 email addresses of your choice. All this for only $4! For information about our Squatters At The Projects, please contact our sales team.


Offerings:  See our varied product offerings and find one that suits your needs. 

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