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A Chronicaling of our Rise to Power  

Slumlord Hosting was started in 1968 on UNIVAC 1107 mainframe. Oh those were the good old days. Our first hard drive was 100MB and cost USD $130,000! It was mainly used for research projects for PHD students in the Mid Atlantic Area. With a 1.3MHz CPU and 512KB of RAM, this baby was a smoking deal for 1.5 million dollars.
Our CEO Paul Sims working late nights on the 1107

With the future ever changing and the advent of the C language, we upgraded our UNIVAC to a smaking fast PDP-11 in 1974. We were still mostly based out of universities on the DARPA-NET, but times wouldn't be so gracious to us.
Our PDP11 is the one in the middle, closest to the screen

The universities we were catering started to run cheaper mainframes themselves, and within a decade, the PC revolution had left us by the wayside. But that's when our CEO and founding member Paul Sims took action.

Within 6 months, we had embraced the PC revolution. With our CEO forfronting the move for departments of universities to run their own intranets, we would put a PC based server in every department of our university customers. Now calculations could be written and run in BASIC without having to find time for the computer room! With the price ever dropping for PCs and the advent of the Network Operating System, we would no longer have to distribute our costly network hardware just to keep our customer base.
Our 486, a monument to the PC revolution
Slumlord Hosting's current infrastructure changed forever in the 1990s with the Mosaic Web Browser. Here we officially took on the name ValueServ Hosting, and were putting companies on the web before anyone else! We were revolutionaries in our field, and we now know the 90s to be the glory days.
The world wide web changed oun business model
Times have changed for Slumlord Hosting. It's easy to put up a site now, and our competitors learned quickly that if you're going to make it in the virtual hosting industry, you've got to keep your cost low, and your prices lower! We started seeing $5 hosting companies pop up all over, and no thanks to abominations like Plesk, we saw ourselves once again falling by the wayside.
Low prices became our destiny
In the year 2000, we changed our name to Slumlord Hosting, offering bottom of the bin hosting to anyone who wanted it. We got out of the service based hosting business, it's too hard to make money without an army of service technicians. So we changed our name, liquified our assets, and now we have greatly simplified our infrastructure, so we can bring bottom dollar, lowest pricing to our customers.
You and your savings for switching to Slumlord Hosting!
So what does the future hold for Slumlord Hosting? Our competitors may call us the Peso hosting company, but we're hoping to do even better. Now that we're offering FREE hosting for small sites we're trying to take over the market by becoming a household name. "What's that you say? You want to upload a JPEG file picture to me? That's great, here's my ftp server!"
floppy san
Our High Density Floppy Storage Area Network brings another great service to you free of charge!

We're currently working on many new changes, and only the sky holds the limit at Slumlord Hosting! In case you haven't noticed, we're doing drastic rewrites of the signup process to greatly streamline our virtual host provisioning for our free customers, even though at this time our paying customers will still have to go through our sales department.
What will we think of next??

We're looking to offer an automatic reboot switch to our customers, so they can proactively reboot our dedicated server if they think the operating system is crashed. No more calling in your hosting provider for support, no more lengthy time delays with scheduled maintenances, no more having to alert EVERY customer on the server just for a reboot. Here at Slumlord Hosting, we put the ball in YOUR hands.
Reboot button
Soon to Come: Every customer on our server gets a Server Reboot Button

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