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Finally! Afordable Virtual Hosting!!!


Our Server Environment 

The latest in server technology:
Slumlord Hosting has recently upgraded its server to house 512 Megs of RAM! This new server has 32 times the amount of memory than our old server!

When Intel announced that they would be discontinuing the production of their 80486 chips in September 2007, we knew it was about time for an upgrade. We're now on an Athlon 3000+, and we're happy to announce that this new processor is thousands of times faster than our previous machine.

erupting volcanoWe are pleased to annouce that Slumlord Hosting is now offering SAN to our customers. That's right, for pennies a day, we can carve out space on our state of the art, High Density Floppy Storage Area Network. We shopped around for affordable SAN, but realized that our customers wanted the bottom dollar. That's why we custom built our SAN from extra floppy drives we found laying around the office. EMC Symmetrix has a starting price of around $2.47 per MB of storage. Our state of the art, High Density Floppy Storage Area Network can provide you with the same amount of storage for $.03 per MB of storage. That's 82 times less expensive than EMC San!!! And we're passing that savings on to you!  
Our network provider has told us that their links never go down and never have hiccups. We even shook on it! Every incident we've ever had has been user error. So you can rest assured that when your site goes up it STAYS up.
minuteman We know that downtime is a serious matter. Here at Slumlord Hosting, we have provided to our customers off site backups FREE OF CHARGE! You can leave your disaster recovery to us! If your site ever goes down, you can request that the contents of your site be emailed to you FREE OF CHARGE! What other hosting provider would offer you that? So if our dedicated server explodes in a hellish blaze, you can get your site emailed to you, change your DNS, and in 24 hours or less have a working site!



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